08 – Violent J – Shiny Diamonds (Wizard of The Hood) (Blaze) I mean what do you got going on there that’s so good? (Violent J) Man, it ain’t always all good at home but the few days it is makes it all worth while. It’s all about time and chance it’s gotta be You got trailer park moms winning powerball lottery And if a little girl gets stuck in a well You got the whole world feeling the Hell And trying to help, We got good intentions, maybe bad ideas Like fucking fine nedens laced with ghonerea But the adventure is real and ain’t nobody alone Especially me, so come the fuck on, let’s get home I got bitches to fuck we being rich as Truck at the Mexican festival hitting switches The bed be elevating, no hating Only congratulating, and the hoes steady tailgating With their neden holes waiting On daytons, man that truck was so tight, That’s why I’m trying to go back sometimes it be alright And the rest of the bullshit, I can walk right through I’m tryna see a wheel chair, a hot nurse, at a 100 and 2 years old And the tree (Monoxide, Madrox, Blaze) And the herb And the smoke And the ganj (Violent J) The tree is all right (Chorus) It ain’t much going on but that’s where I belong Because some of them days be shiny diamonds, (sometimes) And it can’t be wrong, because some of them nights the moon be shining, (sometimes) Like a world of gold, so much unexplored And I be climbing, homies rhyming, heaven I’m in, people can do they thing (Bridge) And mine is singing, (singing) I’m