On 19th June 1999 I took part in the National Lottery BBC TV show “Winning Lines”, hosted by Simon Mayo. This is a condensed version of this show Please see Part 2 for further information



  • Interesting on where you go for answering only 1 question right. I don’t know much about Spaghetti Junction because I’m from Canada, but I looked it up and I have to say that it really does sound like it’s confusing to get around that area. I wonder what would have happened if somebody only did get one question right.

  • For those who didn’t notice the places you go when you get all 20 q’s right, here you are:
    1. Spaghetti Junction
    2. London
    3. Scottish Castle
    4. Ireland
    5. Amsterdam
    6. Paris
    7. Monte Carlo
    8. Majorka
    9. Italy
    10. New York
    11. Hong Kong
    12. Las Vegas
    13. Mauritius
    14. Caribbean Cruise
    15. Zimbabwe
    16. Hawaii
    17. Texas
    18. Barbados
    19. Australia
    20. Round The World


  • some where in the middle the video was outta sync. whatch that

  • that was sensational @Fixer1 great timing on the pit stop with half a minute fantastic stuff well done on winning the round the world trip

  • HI Fixer1. Did you know that if in the very first show the contestant didn’t win the wonderwall, then you were the 1st ever contestant to win the round the world prize?

  • @CarnageFreek nowadays zimbabwe Isn’t a great place to go because of Robert mugabe, that and the bbc and its employees are banned from being there

  • @snakepliskin3011 Why?

  • @chrisjoyce87 np

  • @mikey6879 Thanks

  • @chrisjoyce87 you are able to get the music from tvpmm(dot)com/documents/347.html some of the sounds you may not recognise as they are from the american series.

  • i feel very honored to watch your video!!

  • It says that Ian is from Preston.

  • Please show this time’s full episode by all means!―是非、この回の完全版を見せて!

  • Nice job, Ian. I’m impressed. You didn’t seem to take any more than 15 seconds on any one question, and you only got two wrong. You likely would have done well on the American version with Dick Clark, where the top prize was $1,000,000. Unfortunately, it was placed on Saturday nights, where most American primetime shows go quickly to TV heaven. These days they just show reruns. Anyway, you still did a great job.

  • No – This was the 2nd show – And I didn’t watch the first! – My missus was watching and rang in then handed me the phone!

  • @chrisjoyce87 > search for “Television Production Music Museum” 🙂

  • Was this the first ever show? Only ask cos of Simon’s comment after you’d won the Wonderwall, when he said “we expected to give the holiday after 7 or 8 shows”….

  • Preston – says so in the clip!

  • Does anyone know where can get music used in winning lines? Can’t wait see this on Challenge!

  • You must also have quite knowledgable to get 20 correct answers Ian

  • i like how prize 15 is a trip to zimbabwe, on a bbc programme, doubt that would be offered now

  • Could you possibly post the full-length version of this episode on here (obviously in parts), to show how you got all the way from the 49ers, to Looking After Number One, to winning the Wonderwall with 25 seconds to spare??

  • Where in England are you from?

  • In addition, you got a strike if you got a question wrong or you didn’t answer within 15 seconds (the time you had to answer each question).

  • Look in my videos – You’ll see one called Winning Lines – Part 2
    This shows where we went 😉

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