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Runescape Guide to Millions – Make Runescape Millions Making use of the Chicken Feather Strategy!

If you are reading this Runescape article, I would assume you may possibly have only 100K gp, or even 25 gp, and wish to make Runescape millions fast! With that, this Runescape article, titled: “Runescape Guide to Millions – Make Runescape Millions Utilizing The Chicken Feather Technique!” will give you an notion on how to […]


Tales of Imbecility

A smattering of Tales clips detailing the not-so-canonical adventures of various Tales characters, such as Zelos’s overwhelming sexiness, Lloyd trying to win the lottery, Van smoking weed and more. Audio Source (in order): South Park Howard Dean The Simpsons Toybox – “Tarzan and Jane” South Park Weird Al – “I Think I’m a Clone Now” […]