Robert and Tonya Harris, interviewed on the “Today Show” after just winning the $270 million lottery… Now, I don’t know about you, but the CarsDiva would be a little more excited, still probably go out and by a Mercedes though, and a Lexus…



  • I have some lottery numbers guaranteed to hit straight interested let me know, i will post a video

  • i bet they dont do it in a loooonnnggggggg time…….. and maybe they still not doing it…..

  • they seem like they get 270 $…. lol

  • its funny how in this video she says she didnt know he played the lottery but in the other video she says she gave him the numbers to play while she was out shopping.. what a liar! a rich one with no teeeth but still..

  • …lucky daughter…

  • A Toronto-area father and son who worked in a Canadian lottery outlet have been charged with stealing a winning ticket in 2003.

    Jun-Chul Chung, 60, and Kenneth Chung, 28, face charges that include money laundering, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported. Kenneth’s sister, Kathleen Chung, 29, who allegedly falsely claimed to be the buyer of the winning ticket, has also been charged.

    Is USA lottery safe?

  • @Reqrezentin next time im getting a hill billy to give me numbers

  • if i won the lottery…i wouldnt want to be doing public presses and shit like that. thats how people end up exploiting you and then you go through problems such as blackmailing, threats, stalkers, etc. i would just want to claim my prize quietly so i can go on with my life and live comfortably….

  • thumbs up if they so fucking bored about it why not give it away to people that will really appreciate it?

  • People who win the lottery never look happy. Is there something we don’t know about lottery winners? Smile for God’s sake!

  • so fucking miserable , they dont deserve that much money . some one young deserves it who would enjoy it with a fucking smile on there face. twats …

  • I heard they bought their nephew a $100000 truck n he fled to KY b/c he was on the run in GA, and he was pulled over by cops for something very small and his name came back up in GA where he was sent back…idk the details, wonder if that’s a sign that they’ll b cursed, not that anything would affect their personalities lol

  • This is like two robots winning the lottery.

  • @Reqrezentin and they always get abducted by aliens too huh???

  • Wow. I would sure love to hit the Lotto! I play it with every chance I get! 😉

  • they look sooooo fuuuuuuuckkkkkkking BOOOORRRRRIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGG.

  • man if i had that ticket in my hand, i wuld be soooo fucking cocky. GOOOOOOOD GOD. I WOULD FUCKING TELL EVERYBODY TO GO FUCK THEM SELVES. WIT A FUCKING SMILE

  • damn that guy has no life in him :s makes me sad…

  • @dshiz425 lol i know right, if i had won that much money i’d be jumping all over the place. lol

  • 270 million dollars? PSH…pennies.

  • I think she is mad that he doesnt wanna give her any money and hes pissed that he has to give her. LOL

  • “you… looked a little shell shocked”

    No Miss Newsreader, they really are that fucking tedious. I hope they use their winnings to get a personality transplant. Damn!

  • they just came back from a funeral?

  • @dshiz425 aha exactly!..why the feck couldn’t I have won this?…they don’t even seem to be that excited about it lol….or maybe they did SO much screaming and celebrating before hand that they are completely drained and haven’t even a joule of energy to express their happiness lol…or maybe they’re just very boring people (the guy mainly haha)

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