As I check my email every single single morning, I would get Runescape players emailing me like… “My Runescape account is being stolen”, “Please save my Runescape account”, “How to prevent my Runescape account being stolen”, or “My high level account is gone…”

Does that occur to you? Are you one of them too? Nearly all Runescape players encounter their account being stolen. If you are smart, you ought to learn from your mistakes. If not, most of the people don’t learn.

With that, I shall give you three proven Runescape suggestions that I personally use now to stop my Runescape account being cheated. Ever since I started to use these 3 ideas, my accounts are safe with me for years.

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Rule Number 1: Never Give Away Your Runescape Username and Password!
Rule Number 2: Never forget Rule #1!

With that, this is really a straightforward rule to follow, but why people don’t follow them? I would say that most Runescape players like to brag. They like to show off. So, they attempt to tell everybody their Runescape username. Some even gave their password so that others would help them to level their Runescape characters, or make them millions.

This is insane way of thinking! That’s why, in case you notice, I never tell anyone my Runescape username, and never even mentioned password. I never do that, and you need to stop performing that too!

Runescape Autobots Software Scams

I talked a bit on Runescape stats changer, and also Runescape autominers previously. The reality I wrote those articles is to warn men and women to stop searching for such software, and rather focus on improving their gameplay. The most effective way would be to Google for Runescape secrets, or come back to this site to check out a lot more proven Runescape ideas. So, enough of telling you NOT to download software and they’re illegal as written on Jagex web site.

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When you lock into for your gameplay, also check the URL of the web site.

Be certain it is the exact web site! Also remember to never click on any emails that say they’re from Jagex. Make certain the link is valid too. The difficulty with this is that, you may well lock inside your username and password into a scamming internet site.

What these site owners do is to make a internet site precisely the same as Runescape, and ask you to login together with your username and password. Once you carried out that, you’ll not have the ability to play the game! And they will maintain a record of your username and password. With that, they will lock in for you and change your password.

This is real bad! So do take note on it. With that, I shall remind you once again! Be careful as you play Runescape.

Happy Gaming!