Its 90 million on oz lotto tomorrow. Just wondering what people would actually do with that kind of money?



  • give most to my family and friends, buy myself a big house,
    take 4 holidays a year, give some to charity
    sit back and grow old gracefully 🙂

  • First of all, don’t tell anyone. The literature is filled with stories of people whose lives were made miserable by being hounded by relatives, friends and strangers with their hands out and ended up with nothing.

    Second, park the money in interest-bearing deposits while coming to grips with the thought that your life has totally changed.

    Third, think about the sorts of things YOU want to do with YOUR money. Engage a top financial advisor to set these up. They might include a charity trust, whose income is distributed to charities of your choice, a fund to provide your children with a substantial income and their children with education and other benefits.

    Fourth, don’t spend the capital. It’s your family legacy. $90 million will earn at least $10 million a year, and that should be enough to do whatever you like. Own a villa in Tuscany, an apartment in New York and a house overlooking Sydney Harbour.

    Never fly cattle-class again!

  • I would not tell anybody then I would not have to deal with the friends I never knew I had!

    I would make sure my kids were set for life but I would not tell them either they need to know money does not grow on trees. I would help out a few close friends and family, I would donate some to a charity close to my heart like children’s hospitals (they helped out my son heaps) and I would invest very wisely.

    Good luck to all in the draw tonight.

  • Shop shop shop ,,,spend , invest, give some away to close ones and needy community groups

  • I would buy a 1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R34. 100 acres of land with a Log Cabin in the very center. i would also give each member of my immediate family 1 mil each.

  • FAINT!!

  • I’d buy a house,furniture, nice car & a boat .
    The money left over I would put in a term deposit for 12 months just to see the bank shite it’s self when they had to pay after the 12 months.

  • -dump all the money on the bed and have a money fight!
    -i would pay off my parent’s mortgage and any credit card debts, bills and what not they my family have
    -i would make a savings account for uni
    -put some in the bank for the future
    -donate to NGO’s as many as i could
    -i would buy round the world trips for my friends and i and i’d hire a theme park for a day and have it open just for us and people who cant afford to go there and stuff
    -i’d hire my favourite bands to play a private gig for my friends and i (and anyone else who’d want to come)
    -GO ON A MASSIVE SHOPPING SPREE in paris, stockholm, london, new york and japan
    and thats all i cant think of for now 🙂

  • i would buy harry potter merchandise and build a house devoted to harry potter!

  • Sports Car
    House on the Beach Front, and several other locations around the world
    Start my career

  • I will teal you when I win (*_-)

  • Seriously. What The Fuck

    July 6, 2010 at 1:28 am

    I’d give HALF to charity.
    That could change a lot of things…
    I would then give some to my family, and buy houses. LOTS of houses. I’d invest in them all, lease them out.
    Buy a nice house,
    retire (Although I’m not even working at the moment)
    Relax for the rest of my life.

  • smells_fishyhere

    July 6, 2010 at 1:59 am

    well i would bring it to school and buy 2 ice creams

  • give my car & household furniture to someone in need!
    i would set plans in motion to open safe houses for children in need of warmth food and support..then donate to the rspca for their intense dedication to saving our precious .my new home will have kennels and safe places for unwanted and unloved pets…i will then seek help for my persistant anxiety and panic disorder.
    I would set up my mum and my kids comfortably and maybe a holiday for once i 20 years would be a nice change..i will donate to anxiety panic disorder & depression centers as more work needs to be done ..there are too many of us not getting the help we need…i would take a huge bunch of cash and just give it those who could use a hand for food or bills…when i give im happy…when i share im happy..when people and animals around me are happy…im happy 🙂
    i know i wont be having a wardrobe fit for a queen..i think we should help where we can an share good fortune…for it will be a lonely life alone with all this currently renting a very old house…a little luxury would be nice 🙂

  • Im 100%with KAF on this one
    First rule is dont tell anybody, even your nearest family and friends that you were a winner,choose carefuly how much and to whom are you going to help and definitely dont trust to any of the “so called” financial advisors….

  • i would buy a house for me, renovate the house my family is currently in for mum and dad, give money to cancer research, and some to the RSPCA, put some away for Uni and then put the rest away for years to come.

    ohh and also bring my brother and his family over from england so my nana(who is dying) can see them, and spend some time with all of my family

  • Travel the world for the rest of my life and donate enough money to charity that cancer is cured.

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