I was motivated to write this article when I read the article, the "expected" to win the lottery. The fact that I am a statistician, I was naturally interested in the issue, but apparently need not duly published. You can not use the expected value as a way to win the lottery. Should be used only to help you decide when to play the lottery. There are many ways you can show the expected value. For these purposes I will use a simplified version of the expected value. We intend to consider the number of people who play the lottery and the chance to win another, and because there is no way to tell how many people will not have special training. The simplest version of the expected value, you should take the prize wins a prize divided by the odds to reach the value of each prize value. 649 For example, the odds of lottery picking 3 6 beats quantity is 1 / 57 Then, by multiplying the value of the dollar rates for the prize ($ 2. 00 in this case). That gives us value. 0351, you must repeat these steps until all jackpot prizes. When you reach the jackpot should sum all the values that invent, and to reduce their number will increase in dollar amount, use 1 ticket to play (most games cost $ 1. 00). This will give you another value should be multiplied by the total number of combinations that the lottery (a lottery ticket 649 is 13,983,816). What will it take for the jackpot lottery just over $ 12. 1 million reasons for me. This method is used only as a guide, the best time to play is because it helped to increase yields. However, you can use it as a means to increase yields. Only proven way to increase the odds is to buy more tickets. So how can you buy more tickets to go outside. It's really simple, do not buy tickets until the jackpot is high enough to justify buying one. If the odds are 1 / 14 million, it is usually 5 or 6 months to achieve a good jackpot. If you were to save $ 2 a week for 6 months, you need to spend $ 48 ticket. This will increase your returns 1 290000, and you use an extra dime.

Knowing when to play a lottery is the key to winning the lottery. Online Lottery in the strategy, we calculate the best time to play all the big ticket.