In hard economic times many people are looking for more affordable ways to have fun with the entire family. Taking the entire family to a movie will run an easy $70.00 or more after tickets and snacks. Plus watching television or playing video games does nothing for exercise, physical activity or just plain outdoor fun in the fresh air.

Enter “affordable inner tubes and covers” to the market. These snow and river inner tubes and covers can be purchased for under $50.00 and last for years. Sturdy construction, attention to safety with double hand stitched seams, handles and pulls, insure that your family will be having outdoor fun for a very long time.

Think of floating down a cool river in the heat of the summer with family and friends. Or sliding down a snow covered hill in the winter with a lightweight and easy to pull snow tube.

These tubes are made from 1000-20 Inner Tubes that are 7-8mpa thickness and inflate up to 48 in. in diameter, and Covers that are made from heavy duty 600 Denier Polyester Canvas with a PVC finish triple-stitched to heavy-weight Extra-Slick Vinyl Coated Polyester. Polyester and nylon are both famous for their ability to maintain their original color while enduring maximum sunlight exposure. Both tops and bottoms are Mildew Resistant, U.V. Resistant and Water Repellent to minimize color change and fade as well. The stitching is heavy weight industrial thread that is also Mildew and U.V. Resistant to help do away with dry rot and U.V. damage. The nylon webbing handles are box-stitched with the “W” stitch pattern incorporated into it. There is also additional material backing the stitching for extra durability.

Until now recreational inner tubes ran from $100.00 and up apiece! And truth be told, they are not as strong and versatile as these new tubes. Now there’s no excuse to get the family out of the house and having fun in the great outdoors any time of year!