Certainly one of the primary causes behind the immense reputation of Air Jordans is the fact that these shoes offer you every little thing that any high-performance shoe really should and far more. cheap jordans shoes are almost certainly certainly one of the couple of brands of shoes which have regularly performed because its launch in 1985. Right now, the Jordan brand of shoes not merely cater to basketball players but additionally to frequent folks, teenagers, and players from other competitive sports; therefore widening its industry. Right now, teenagers put on Jordans to flaunt their fashion or for generating a bold fashion statement. Even though the initial range of Jordan shoes launched had been Jordan I but good results began pouring in only from the Jordan III model onwards and because then there has been no seeking back.

In total, till date, 23 Air Jordans series happen to be introduced. Right here is actually a list with the various varieties of Jordan shoes introduced so far:

Jordan I: This really is the very first in the air jordans and had been created by Peter Moore. These Jordan shoes had been released in 1985 and had been regarded to become the greatest breakthrough in basketball shoes. The Air Jordan I came out in vibrant red and black color mixture.

Air Jordan II: These air jordans had been released only right after Michael Jordan completed his second year at NBA. These Jordan shoes had been created from top quality Italian leather and also the general style was inspired from an Italian womens boot predominant within the 19th century.

Air Jordan III: The Air Jordan III series was created by Tinker Hatfield and these Jordan shoes came out having a new Jumpman logo also. A few of the other notable capabilities from the Jordan III incorporate a visible air / ventilation unit within the heel, use of tumble leather, and an elephant print trim.

Air Jordan IV: The Air Jordan IV shoes had been introduced in 1989 and had been developed by Tinker Hatfield. This was the initial with the air jordans released globally.

Air Jordan V: Released in 1990, these air jordans came out using a new innovation: clear rubber soles. The Air Jordan V series are regarded to become the highest promoting Jordan shoes of all time. The inspiration for the Jordan V was taken from the very productive Globe War II fighter plane Mustang.

Air Jordan VI: The Air Jordan VI was released inside the latter half of 1990 and Michael Jordan in fact went on to win the NBA championship wearing these Jordan shoes.
Jordan 7: The Air Jordan VII series of shoes had been introduced in late 1991 and shared a lot of similarities with its predecessor.

Air Jordan VIII: The Air Jordan VIII was released through the 1992-1993 NBA season and these air jordans had been undoubtedly heavier than the predecessors. This model of Jordan shoes was offered the title flower-power Air Jordan

Air Jordan IX: The Air Jordan IX was introduced in late 1993 and could be the very first model of Jordan shoes to become released post Michael Jordans retirement. This model was various from other Air Jordan Concord released so far since it had baseball cleats.

Air Jordan X till XXIII has been introduced post Michael Jordans retirement.