– connect with me! I’m using the Law of Attraction to finally get out there and run my own business, without giving a RIP what others might think, and it’s amazingly exciting!! 🙂 I don’t know about you, but I could use a bigger flow of MONEY in my life! Are you one of the many who are dreaming about unique ways to allow money to flow into your life? Working an hour to get paid an hour is a start, but doesn’t feel like freedom, does it? Here’s an excerpt from 2004 where Esther Hicks / Abraham is talking to a woman about her recent adventure in procuring a nice chunk of money without buying a lottery ticket, without winning the lottery, without anyone dying, and without having to slave at a job for it for months. Some of the parts I found the most interesting were just the bits where the lady was talking about how she allowed various visions of how the money would come to her to. Inspiring! abraham hicks, law of attraction money, money, finances, getting out of debt, debt, esther hicks, jerry hicks, the secret, financial abundance, abundance, win the lottery