Lawyer Sigfrid Fortun stated his client Andal Ampatun Jr. is expanding anxious more than the pace with the hearings on his bail petition, because the defense counsel criticized the prosecution for its failure to present a witness that resulted within the cancellation with the scheduled hearing right now.

This matter currently constitutes negligence, Fortun stated in open court.

Andal Jr. a number of other people, which includes his namesake father, are facing many murder charges ahead of the Regional Trial Court Branch 221 in connection with all the massacre in Ampatuan town on November 23, 2009.

Fortun mentioned the sentiment of his client is mirrored by the suicide of accused policeman Hernanie Decipulo, who jumped from the leading in the creating exactly where they may be detained in Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City.

What was it? (It really is) frustration, he mentioned, citing what he stated was the numerous accused’s anxiety as a result of the slow pace with the bail proceedings.

They (prosecution) should present their case as swiftly as they are able to, Fortun stated.

He noted that Andal Jr. has begun to prepare his presentation to help his bid to post bail.

Fortun cited that using the advent of summer, the detention website with the numerous accused comes to a boil.

But he stated it was not so significantly regarding the physical condition with the detention cells as he mentioned the condition in Camp Bagong Diwa is not specifically dire.

He stated the suspects’ waiting for the bail hearings to finish accelerates their anxiousness and frustration.

The court continues to be hearing the bail petitions using the prosecution presenting its evidence to show that the case against Andal Jr and numerous other people who’ve asked to post bail is powerful to convince the court that their petitions needs to be denied. The evidence and witnesses at present getting presented by the prosecution would also be adopted within the major murder trial.

Public prosecutor Aristotle Reyes cited that the batch of witnesses they’ve ready are presently becoming questioned by the defense, which has filed a certiorari case having a prayer for a TRO ahead of the Court of Appeals because it protested the presentation of witnesses and evidence on matters that occurred immediately after the November 23, 2009.

As a matter of judicial courtesy, the RTC Branch 221 has held in abeyance the presentation of such witnesses ahead of the CA troubles a ruling on the TRO petition.

These consist of policemen who will be talking in regards to the firearms and ammunitions recovered from the Ampatuan mansion following the massacre.

Reyes stated it could be tough to hastily prepare and fly in one more batch of witnesses to fill in for the earlier batch of witnesses who had been blocked by the defense.

Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes has recommended towards the prosecution to currently rest its case on the bail petitions if it no longer has any other witnesses to present.

But Reyes stated they can’t rest their case just but without having the definitive ruling on no matter whether these witnesses could possibly be presented.

Our witnesses for the bail proceedings is our very best line-up, Reyes stated.

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