Do people that win the little lotto usually get quick picks or do they use their own numbers?



  • either way your odds are gonna be the same

  • The odds aren’t based on the numbers you pick nor on the number of people playing; it’s based on the mathematical odds of the balls being drawn. Here in Georgia, it’s always something like 76 million to 1 that you’ll win the big cash.

  • You asked two different questions. The answers are not necessarily the same. The odds of winning are exactly the same, no matter how you pick the numbers.

  • Most people win by playing quick picks in Little Lotto or any Lottery for that matter. In Canada we don’t have a sweet Little Lotto like Illinois has, I wish we had a 5/39 game, I know I could win that lottery. Odds are only 1:575,757. A lot better than trying to win 13 Million to 1 in our 6/49.

    If I were you I’d pick your own numbers. Try these sites, they’re a couple of the best on the net for Lotto and Gambling.

    Good Luck!

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