The latest craze in United Arab Emirates is a perticular site made by three college going students and it has become an instant hit amonst people from all over the world!!

Its very simple what this site is about… its about entertainment all kinds of it… from movies and games to studies (err they try less on studies though). This is the right place for you if you are feeling bored. There are lottsa things you can do to earn points, play lottery , put your points in the bank. You can earn karma by giving users good songs or photos of information. You can place bets, challenge other users. Get information about your local weather. Download Software, music, videos, funny videos,
images, funny pictrues. Talks about things happenning in UAE and the rest of the World.

Inshort a entertaining online community.

Click on the link below, get registered and see for UrSeLf what the site has to offer!!
The One to tell the correct number of trophies I possess get 10points!! Its a sure deal!! Just go to the Games’ Forum. I also want you to guess my MOST prized trophy…

Happy Browsing!!