eminem vs lotto (8 mile) ps sorry for the bad music quality turn the volume up for better results, enjoy! [Lotto] I’ll spit a racial slur honky sew me this shit is a horror flick, but a black guy doesnt die in this movie. You messin with Lotto dawg u gotta be kiddin, that makes me believe, u really dont have an intrest in livin, You think these niggaz are gonna feel, the shit you say? i got a better chance joinin the KKK. For some real shit thought, i like you, thats why i didnt wanna be the one you commit suicide to, Fuck Lotto call me your leader, I feel bad that I gotta murder that dude from ”Leave It To Beaver” I used to like that show, now u got me in ”fight back” mode But oh well, if u gotta go, then u gotta go! I hate to do this, I would love for this shit to last So I’ll take pictures of my rear end so u wont forget my ass And all’s well that ends well, ok? So I’ll end this with a ”FUCK U, but have a nice day!” [B-Rabbit] Ward, I think u were a little hard on the Beaver So was Eddie Haskal, Wally, and Ms. Cleaver This guy keeps screamin’, he’s paranoid! Quick, someone get his ass another steroid! ”Blahbity bloo blah blah blahbity bloo blah!” Is that a tank top, or a new bra? Look, Snoop Dogg just gat a fuckin’ boob job! Didn’t u listen to the last round, meat head? Pay attention, you’re sayin the same shit that he said! Matter fact, dog, here’s a pencil Go home, write some shit, make it suspenseful, And dont come back until something dope hits u Fuck it! U



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