Available to download on iTunes NOW!! Words: You bring tequila, I feel ya’ – some wine, that’s fine – with vodka, I love ya’ – and beer, crack it here – you say Stella, shout ‘Hell Yeah’ – ‘Jack’, that’s whack – but empty-handed just aint right, no party for you tonight. Check the RSVP (BYOB), getcha to my party (BYOB), there aint no VIP (BYOB), before I win the Lottery… BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE. ‘Dom Perignon’? who the hell is he? bring it back to reality – want it cheap, but we like it free – mine’s a triple, you know me. ★ WWW.RYANJAGGER.CO.UK ★ (c) 2010. Ryan Jagger & Jorden Milnes. Cover Art: Johnny Pinder – ★