Obviously the question is, is it legal for the person on probation to cash in that ticket?



  • Yes it would be…its not an illegal lottery..its run by the state

  • I can’t think of any reason why it would not be legal. Call the lottery if you want to know for sure. But, why couldn’t a convicted felon on probation win?

    He’s not trying to vote. He bought the ticket legally. They sold it to him. Why couldn’t he legally cash it?

  • Theoretically no,,gambling would technically be a probation violation

  • as mentioned above, gambling is a violation of probation..

  • No, the lottery is a form of gambling. Gambling is a violation of probation.

  • Check conditions of probation- gambling may not be allowed for someone with a history of gambling related crime. Probation for something unrelated to gambling may indicate state lottery OK. Conditions of probation that have a restitution clause may require gambling winnings to be used for required paybacks. If this is a big win with attendant publicity and background check of purchase be care full. If it’s a couple thousand many places just want to verify ticket, bearer can cash quickly. Boston area had a story about organized crime member convict of gambling racketeering winning a couple big pots, state wanted to not pay and court told them to pay, probation didn’t say no gambling – said something like no ‘illegal’ gambling and noted state lottery and casinos licensed by state or Indian tribes were not illegal. *additional edit -story saturday – Barnstable mass. probationer who won million dollar lottery can keep money, judge ruled it was minor violation . convicted gambler will now have to pay $65.00 probation clerical fee that was originally waived for being unemployed and declared broke.

  • Just two points here. First, as noted above, this is a form of gambling,,,but it is legal since it is run by the State. Check with your PO only because of possible sanctions you may have been placed under due to your individual case. Second,,,if you have restitution ordered as part of your probation, I wouldnt be surprised in the slightest if they pulled out the full amount owed before giving you the remainder. I hope you have found this useful

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