I received three e-mail saying I won the lottery in England, three different elements, this may be true; never played lottery, said my email entery.



  • There are no email entries in the UK National Lottery. The only way to win is to walk into a store in the UK that sells tickets and buy one. You can play online and therefore win online, but only if you live in the UK.
    The kinds of emails you are talking about are just a scam, probably not even from the UK.

  • Nope its a scam. Just Googlew it and you will see for yourself. And remember how can you will a lottery you did not even buy a ticket for?

  • Don’t believe it! I got a handful of those e-mails before. I was suspicious so I did a little investigating and it turns out that they’re just thieves trying to steal your money.

  • no ,and the motto for camelot uk lottery is You have To Be in it to win it.

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