Like let’s say if someone is facing prison time but while they are out on bond, they buy a lotto ticket and win like millions. Are they eligible? What about if you had a serious record and had served time? I was just wondering because I heard about a guy who might not be eligible to collect his winnings because he hadn’t payed child support.



  • Yes they can win and collect the money. However, if they are under court order to pay restitution or child support, that money can be taken, up to the amount they owe, to pay off the debt.

  • In law, all caselaws are afforded on a case-by-case basis. It really depends on what is relevant and what is not.

  • He will be able to collect the money, but it will go straight to the woman he owes the back support to. Once that debt is settled, he may have whatever is left.

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