When I do occasionally win I usually just get a receipt and the cash. But a few days ago I was paid AND I was given back the winning (small prize) ticket. I didn’t think anything of it, at the time, but now I’m wondering: Could I submit it for payment a second time?

I know it’s a bearer instrument, but would an agent be able to tell that it’s been paid out already? Just curious.



  • When they put it through the till it checks that it’s a winner and the computer knows that it has been paid so the answer is no.

  • When the cashier scans the ticket on their terminal and the prize is under a certain value, the ticket is invalidated and the cashier has to pay the prize to you. The store will be credited and the ticket is invalid. This is why some cashiers will ask you how much the prize is before they scan it or will go to the trouble of either asking you to use the self scan terminal or reaching over themselves to scan at the self scan terminal. They are afraid that they may not have enough money in the till to pay out the prize so they want to know what the prize is before they scan the ticket on their terminal.

    You cannot submit that ticket a second time but you could probably sell it to some unsuspecting fool.

  • No. You haven’t found some super secret loophole in the system.

    Once the ticket has been scanned, the ticket will show up as “redeemed” on all lotto terminals. It works in the same way that all sporting venues work. You can’t print off 100 tickets off of StubHub and get 99 of your friends in with you at the Super Bowl.

    Did you think that the lottery was less secure than your local sporting venue?

  • nope, when barcode is read, it is over

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