Got a question about Canadian working permit 😀

I am a Hong kong citizen and acquired my computer science degree in an US university. After graduation, I worked in a software development company in the states for almost a yr. Then I went back to Hong Kong and worked in the IT department of a bank for another yr.

Around Feb of this yr, the old US company I worked for gave me a job offer. Unfortunately, my US working permit application failed becuase of not being selected by the working permit visa lottery (this yr was the first yr it happened)

Anyway, now I am looking at job opportunities in Canada. How likely I could find an IT job given my situation? As far I know, I would require a working permit in order to work legally in Canada. How long would that take assuming that I was given a job offer as a software engineer?

As I might travel to Canada in June to look for jobs, any suggestions for me plz?

Thanks a lot for your advice in advance! :o)