Retiree Activities

Just because we choose to get our gold watches and plaques, does not mean the end of an active life. Retiring opens many new opportunities for what some call, retiree activities.

Some retiree activities may actually include volunteer work. Doing what you did prior to retiring can offer benefits to the organization you are volunteering for. Now that there is a larger time base, many retiree activities include:

* Increased parenting of grandchildren
* Volunteer work
* Increased household or gardening
* Time to travel
* Going back to school
* Crafts and hobbies
* Social clubs loaded with activities such as bus tours
* Dancing
You can continue your own list as you like.

One aspect of retiring is the loss that comes with aging and retiring.
Productivity and energy levels are lost. The loss of a loved one or a spouse. This is very hard to anticipate and the most difficult to deal with. The best way to prepare for a loss of a spouse or loved one is to become familiar with a sense of independence and relying on your self.

Retiree activity is one way to do this.

High on the list of concerns for retiree active living is the loss of finances and the lowering of health insurance coverage. Another big concern is loneliness and no social support groups, especially for those not used to doing a lot of different things.

Planning for retiree activities means just that. Preparation for:
* Financial well being
* Meaningful retiree activities
* Supplement health care to Medicare

All of these must be an extension of when you were working.

A sound structured activity plan during your retirement can last a long time and provide you with enjoyment of life and health.

When we reach this stage of life, we must look at what is best for us and how we can best use our time. If you were to view many who live in to their 80’s, 90’s and over 100 will tell you that they stayed active.

Retirement USA provides complete solutions for your lifestyle.

Ric Dalberri is a graduate of Columbia State University & has been involved in his own business (sold) employing over 100 people. Ric was also a top producer as a Financial Specialist for over a decade with one of the largest financial institutions in the U.S.
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