The Hansen Files How lucky can you get? Dateline’s undercover investigations reveal some dishonest lottery clerks. What happens if youve got a winning ticket and someone else is claiming the prize?



  • chris hansen says they stores count on lottery to stay afloat….what bullshit. My parents own a convenience store….lottery are nothing but a bunch of headache….they are there to draw the occassional customer in…the lottery does not pay jack. For every dollar of lottery sold the store earns a nickel….a mere 5%….that means they have to sell a thousand dollars worth to make 50 lousy bucks which most dont ever sell that much. And what can a store do with 50 dollars of profit a day.

  • lol, so embarassing for indians and asians

  • @3star2nr they either get little jail time or a small fine. it’s enough to put a dent on their business. ****

  • lol befire he can finish asking the question, she already started answering “It’s mistake” lol.

  • “I have no reason to lie or take anything…”

    Instantly switches to shot of her being arrested.

  • Thank you, come again!

  • “It was a mistake” Oh, no who will play with my dot tonight! Put it on my dot chris!

  • “So did the ticket magically get up walk to the counter and check itself”


  • lottery corporation in new york is quite clever in their operation

  • thats fucked up..!!! 1/5 times u dont get your 1000 bucks

  • “why don’t you have a seat…right over there.”

  • The New York lottery is probably crooked and didn’t want to get found out by Christopher “GOD” Edward Hansen. He’s bigger than the mafia, you know.

  • ahahahahahahahahha 3:17. hahahahhahahaha Chris Hansen you are PWNAGE GOD!!!

  • HAHA..the face of that asian dood was funny when he got busted..Mr. “D’oh” Kim

  • “he asked us to turn off the camera…. we don’t turn it off” hahahah… Chris Hansen is soooo fucking sick!!! I love these Dateline shows! GET EM CHRIS!

  • chris hanson… the master of OWNAGE.

  • That poor man. It’s bad enuf he has to go home evry night and Fu** his Gross wife, but then he finds out she’s stealing from his customers. Wots more, she enlisted the help of their teen daughter to complete the scam. Then it ends up on National Tv! He now has a wife & daughter in Prison, NO Lottery biz in either of his stores, AND no pussy. He shud just get a whore while his wife is Up state. Those 2 Bitch$# did this behind his back. He’ll lose Both stores. Cunts.

  • these types of scum are the ones that would step over you in a heart beat to get ahread in life. Sure this is small crime, but if it were something bigger, you think they’ll approach it differently?

    Over lottery tickets? $1000 is a lot of money. $500,000 (first clip) is a lot of money.

  • Yeah, sorry, that’s really not the same situation at all.

  • okay so say some 1 steals your credit card runs up over 1k they shouldnt go to jail because it wasnt violent??? B.S! take that thief to jail!

  • I disagree that jail time is appropriate in these clerk-lotto-theft cases. We’re just talking about $1,000. It would cost the taxpayers more to keep them in jail, and also the punishment is out of line. There was no violence involved in these crimes. It was just a crime of opportunity that anyone might have succumbed to. The clerks should pay a fine, make restitution to the customer, and lose the right to sell lotto tickets at their store.

  • It is the same result as if they took $1,000 from the lottery winner, not to mention the instances where the state is ripped off too. Some jail time is appropriate.

  • if you do the crime you do the time. it sounds harsh but imagine your mom playing the lotto like my mother does being all trusting with her tickets only to hear that these clerks do this type of stuff. My mother plays this every week and talks about it alot, so this is may sound harsh but they need to be strict here.

  • Jail time is perfectly applicable. Its Fraud

  • I agree with you mehtoole. No Jail, but a fine is very very appropriate.

    That is just how I feel.

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