Two newcomers now come to the program: Debi and Paul. In the first part of this segment, Debi introduces us to her 11-week old baby, Nicholas. On this board, there’s 1,000 California Lottery Ticket. . .



  • This brings me back memories. I used to have the board game and played it until the board was completely ripped apart.

  • trebec is a douche hahaha

  • Over here in the U.K there are 2 presenters of Gameshows who are well known 4 presenting loads of them. Bob Monkhouse and Bruce Forsyth. Dont know if u have heard of them but im wandering who are America’s top 2. I got my suggestion but i would like 2 know which 2 u pick first?

  • At 7:16, a clanging bell rings means that time is running short during the game of Classic Councentration. It sounds like when one of the four bids exactly right, they get a $500 bonus from Price Is Right’s One Bid round.

  • OMG, This was my local NBC station where I grew up!!!!! WPTZ, Plattsburgh NY. Wonder if someone found my old tapes of this show and decided to trade it around…..

  • Although this is Goodson-Todman, it is owned by NBC, and they have chosen not to release it.

  • Of course most people I know would take the cash instead of the lottery tickets but you never know.

  • The only cash on the board was $700 in the Cashpot. $1000 more could be won if a contestant found all three wild cards in one turn and solved the puzzle, which happened on the first show.

  • Finding all 3 Wild Cards happened on the first show, but the player who got that didn’t solve the puzzle.

  • Because only two exist.

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