Combinatorial Lottery Systems (Wheels) with Guaranteed Wins
This is a book for players or teams of players want to play more than six figures, and tickets should be well organized, very well balanced, and fun. Strategies outlined in the book can be used in any pick-6 lottery in the world. By using advanced methods of combinatorics and optimization of the design of less expensive lottery system (the wheel) of a security. Each system comes with the book is a complete list of possible gains. Lottery Player
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  • Own several books on the lottery, and I never felt the need to write any check up. I bought this book a few days. After reading silently, quickly discovered what was unique about it. Using the system developed for scientific accuracy by using a mathematical science and combinatorics. For those who would avoid any discussion of mathematics, not to cheat big word. All the work already done, and if you read my review, you can manage the concepts taught in this book, no mathematics or mathematics. After reading the book, I decided to test the principles on paper the next day. I changed one of the systems, so it's adjusting the Pick 5 and apply it. I am glad that I played really seized 4 5 beats, there are several numbers 3 and 2 win. Total profit was more than $ 460. 00. What causes this book stand out over other systems that are optimized for minimal need for tickets. In other words, the author has calculated the minimum number of tickets needed to capture the desired victory. It's good to see the work of real results and not hype. . . I highly recommend. . .

  • The author claims his book is the best on the market, and I agree. I have many books collected over the years as Serotic, and Howard Jones, and can now see, the first time, Professional. I have also seen many wheel system and available software. Everything seems to pale in comparison Bluskov wheels. Bluskov is the earliest systems ever created, and gives a fairly comprehensive tables to win, so players can see for themselves how the systems work and what the expected profits. We recommend this book. Oh, and believe it or not, for the first time I have, I have chosen a system # 88 and hit 4 / 10, I brought two 4-wins + kaksitoista 3 wins! I look forward to explore other treasures in the book!

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