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  • there is no real crisis. When Bill Clinton ran for office the first time his main promise was to reform Pharmacy companies. Pharmaceutical stock began to fall as the election grew near. The more it looked like Bill would win the more Pharmaceutical stock dropped. as soon as he was elected he stated he would not go after them and their stock went back up. Hillery made a bundle. Now Obama said he’d go after the rich. Of course stocks fall. A good excuse to start a panic and move toward socialism.

  • World currency, world constitution, one world Government, one world religion. We are going there as fast as the present powers can get the papers stamped and pushed past a stupidly unconcerned public. The Bible says people will have itching ears appointing leaders who will say what they want to hear. we trade the truth for a comfortable lie. who cares?

  • It’s been done many times before. Like the Weimar Republic for example when women took wheelbarrows of cash to the store to buy bread.A more recent example from a few months ago:”The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has officially declared that the prevailing inflation rate in the country is 26.6%…”Now we have been rendered a banana republic. Contrary to Glen’s claim of not being done before, it has been the irresistible habit of men in control of phony money from mankind’s earliest examples.

  • Nixon only removed the gold standard for international exchange.Woodrow Wilson took America off of the gold standard in the 19teens through the introduction of the Federal Reserve.Yahoo Creature from Jekyll Island.Americans caught on to money being phony after the crash and started accumulating gold.That’s why Roosevelt outlawed ownership of Gold for Americans. So there would be no competition for Federal Reserve notes.Blanchard lobbied to restore our rights to own gold in the 70s.

  • “Give me control of a nation’s currency and I care not who makes the laws ” – Baron RothschildMaynard Keynes detractors told him that in the long run Keynesian economics with end in an inflationary blowoff and collapse. His reply to them:”In the Long Run, We’re All Dead.”He is. We’re not.This cake was baked 90 years ago when we abandoned our constitutional currency. Our forefathers were well familiar with collapse of phony currency. Not one has survived in the history of the world.

  • the rushie herbert hoover neocons is the obstruction party of NO … the neocons are mind controlled mega ditto heads … they are scaring everybody about obama’s plan saying that it must not work … they are in the back pockets of big oil … take Jindalm, ask him if he believes in science, he will tell you no, there’s no such thing as global warming .. like palin, his state is being bailed out by big oil to make him look good, but oil prices are way too low and he needs every penny from obama

  • Relax. You won. Now just sit back and watch this country dissolve. You earned it.Later Pinko.

  • RoFLoL….that was a good one. Aaaahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Perhaps what has been said, the Illuminati holds the key, even the presidents, present and past, have been and are patsies. They don’t want the U.S. anymore, they want a one world gov’t, so we shall be undermined, get the Amero for a few years until we are merged with the EU.Glen Beck says what Obama is doing to our children is immoral, Americans have been killing their children for years. If you don’t love children, can you trust that person to do anything right?The beginning of the end.

  • I think he’s great. He’s predicted many things and he’s been spot on. People have compared his accuracy to Nostradamus.

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