I have never played the original crysis because frankly I didn’t have a strong enough PC and I was not sure exactly when I would strike oil or win the lottery so I could afford one that could handle the game. So here I am, excited to see what the big hub-bub was about this game and what do I get….8 minutes of sitting in a lobby only to be told the session disconnected then get back in one only to be kicked out of it but still in it so I see others in the lobby start a game then it tells me it has ended the session, finally I jump in a game, I am running around trying not to die and figure out the controls and come to find out they have dropped me in a game that was 2 minutes from ending. I died twice, once on my own out of sheer amusement and I was not sad the game ended so quickly. Maybe if it hadn’t dicked me around for 8 minutes it would be fine, this video (before edit) was around 20 minutes long and alot of that was sitting in a lobby watching people drop in and out. I’ll go ahead and try this another day, maybe they will fix some bugs on their end and the demo will run a little smoother.