Free Download The song here to Upload your video!!! Goofy Lyrics Its Daze Lo, what ya know about this, A say what ya know about that, A what ya know bout this, ya ready know, how it go, when it goes how it goes when it go man ya know! (NEW SWAGG) And it goes like this look. [Hook] Goofy Shit & To much ice (Chopped Up) 4x Goofy Shit & To much ice (Chopped Up) 4x Verse 1 Goofy goofy shit got me stupid stupid clean, sky tops on my feet levies on the jeans, Man Im fitted to the floo, The ice cost doe, Aye I went bananas, Now Im goofy on you hoes, Go dumb, man ya know I go crazy, Chain froze up goofy shit for the jakie, Goofed up girls man they wanna have my baby, Im so jacked up like them pants in the 80s, I go goofy when Im shopping in the mall, Shop goofy cause ya know I buy it all, O yeah, man my swag on Goofy, Smoking on that fruity, All I gotta said im on that [Hook] Goofy Shit & To much ice (Chopped Up) 4x Goofy Shit & To much ice (Chopped Up) 4x Verse 2 Time to double up on the swag its goofy, You fools all actors like you playing in a movie, Yankin on you boys with my Goofed up chain, Goofy at the club cause they seen I make it rain, Got a stupid swag so ya know I go retarded, So geeked up like Im just getting started, I fell of in the club goofy on you lame dudes, Goofy ice got my chain on blues clues, Drop the bass watch the track get goofy, Swag on zoom like my nigga Lil Boosie, What else can I say besides Im on deck, The ice on my Neck, Got me feeling