DeAndre Jordan career mix season 2010-2011 Los Angeles Clippers (Blocks, Dunks Alley oops)

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25 Responses to “DeAndre Jordan career mix season 2010-2011 Los Angeles Clippers (Blocks, Dunks Alley oops)”

  1. occultdestroyer says:

    He’s faster than Dwight Howard

  2. ArturLatawiec says:

    track name?

  3. AcronychalRising says:

    @AirRaj wouldnt go that far.. haha but he is a decent, underated player.

  4. The954baller says:

    omg just imagine chris paul throwing him and blake alley’s

  5. tsimpoukis100 says:

    sorry but he dunks better than any center in nba!

  6. shnikies911 says:

    this guy is very under rated i have a feeling its gonna be a huge season for him this year

  7. AirRaj says:

    the illegitimate son of Jordan

  8. HowToBeTheAwesome1 says:

    is it just me or does nenad kristic have a history of getting dunked on?

  9. HowToBeTheAwesome1 says:

    funny cause in blake griffin highlights, deandre is always chucking a spaz at how awesome it is, but blake is like, dang i gotta do that some time

  10. lawquiet314 says:

    @jayflysociety101 Lol calm the hell down dude I never said the dude was a bad player I just hear a lot about him but never seen him play if you never seen a dude play you have nothing to go off of but stats so thats why I said that so don’t get your panties in a bunch.

  11. jayflysociety101 says:

    @lawquiet314 wait so if his ‘STATS’ doesnt look like 20 points a game and 11 rebounds your not impressive? u sir do not know anything about basketball.

    you the type to sign players that scores alot,people like me and others likes him because he’s a good rebounder..shot blocker..defense..dunker

    thats all what matters i dont give a damn about ‘stats’ as long as your doing your job 7 points 8 rebounds a game and a few blocks for a young 22 yo you not impressive? ha

  12. AZ09astrophysicist says:

    LOB CITY!!!

  13. quickchaos2009 says:

    guess hes a true jordan

  14. bavery710 says:

    CP3 is about to have a FIELD DAY with him and Blake Griffin

  15. SedrinCelis says:

    @lawquiet314 hes only 22 and has great potential, some ppl are high on him because of his size/skill ratio

  16. seymorecheesebob says:

    4:15 why is kaman even trying to go for that

  17. neysee says:

    @lawquiet314 He shared time with Chris Kaman, but he’s just now coming into his own. Think of Marcus Camby/Tyson Chandler type of player!!!!!

  18. lawquiet314 says:

    Can somebody tell me whats so special about him I kept hearing a lot about him so I looked him up and his stats are not impressive somebody please explain.

  19. PeekaPeep says:

    @boboman300 Nope, BUT KWAME BROWN JUST DID, LOL!!!! 1-year, $7 million (damn, he still gettin’ paid a lot of money!?!?!?). Long as you don’t have him trying to dunk the ball, I guess it’s an “okay” signing for GSW.

  20. PeekaPeep says:

    @JWiLLfoReaL Too bad, Clippers just matched your team’s offer. Nice try, guys!

  21. JWiLLfoReaL says:

    @thug8200 Well I hope Clippers dont match. He will make us a playoff team. We need a big man like this.

  22. thug8200 says:

    @SL2456 to bad we got him

  23. sharkl11 says:

    Didn’t know anything about this guy and heard he may be going to the Warriors. After watching this I hope he does! Beastly and athletic for a man of his size.

  24. HillsideKlepht says:

    @TuguGuru he’s a restricted free agent and the Clippers have 3 days to match the offer he signed which according to reports they will so I wouldn’t say welcome just yet.

  25. ihofaerefa says:

    @peplajso why….miami is overrated