The idea of CityVille decorations might seem a little strange if you have just started playing CityVille. You might be wondering why you would spend your precious CityVille money on a thing that  looks pretty but doesn’t appear to provide you any advantage.

That is because CityVille decorations do not do anything. They boost the income from your businesses when tactically placed which earns you more money. Take full advantage of your CityVille decorations by using these easy recommendations:

* Choose the buildings that currently help make you a lot of money, and that have some free space around them, where no other buildings will fit.
* Use small CityVille decorations, like statues and gardens, to fill up the ‘dead space’ around roads and sidewalks that connect that building to the rest of your city.
* By placing a couple of statues and gardens to a pool hall, for example, you can boost the regular output from 420 coins to almost 1400 coins.
* Since you use energy to service your buildings by adding decorations you raise your energy output to earnings ratio much higher.
* Trade existing decorated buildings for other businesses that help to make more money as soon as they are unlocked. This saves you space and helps you to get the most out of CityVille decorations!

Improving your earnings by using CityVille decorations is just one of the tricks you can use to reach the top of your game without spending a fortune. It is worth learning these types of tricks if you intend to beat your friends, and the game.