Clip from the Wednesday program with the cut to the 2nd hand-held camera removed. The cut was a misdirect to replace the 1st hand-held camera with a 3rd fixed camera on a tripod. Any 3rd camera mov. . .



  • Very well pointed out.

  • Ironically it is the combined minds of youtubers – the ‘wisdom of crowds’ Derren talks about – that cracks the illusion in this trick….

  • Nice, its really easy to see the ‘quality’ difference, are these both from the same original piece. If so notice how the fixed camera(trickcam) is softer and warmer..

  • Yes, both are taken from the original video and have different levels of warmth.I think the YouTube collective, and their combined skills, have pretty much cracked this illusion.

  • Also notice how, at 11 seconds he looks down towards the floor. Not just a glance – he is obviously looking for his mark.

  • Yes, I noticed that. It doesn’t come out in this video (I refer you to original on YouTube) but there is a box amongst the seats. I believe that to be a mark so the 2nd camera doesn’t pan too far to the left where the 3rd camera is. Looking at 3rd camera output, you see it’s not only higher but further to the right than the 1st camera was. It may also be that up to the first cut to the 2nd camera that we are looking at a recording and the cut to 3rd camera was the beginning of the live output.

  • No, simply camera 1 was no longer used. The overlay image was filmed by the fixed 3rd camera earlier. That is the only way to index the overlay and live images, by using the same camera fixed in position.

  • So as he showed the second camera angle, it switched from camera 1 to camera three, he then used camera 1 to film the balls overalay image whilst camera three filmed the image with mabye the guy moving the balls in , then the left of camera three was overlayed with the left of camera 1

  • To be honest, I can’t see any relative motion between the bricks and the television.

  • There still seems to be something fishy about the explaination. If the camera shake is simulated with a DVE or a simmilar system which moves the 2D image from a high definition camera, the left bottom corner of the television set should not move in respect to the brick wall. If it was actual camera movement, there should be movement.At least to me it seems as if there was movement. One really should try to inverse the “camera shaking”.

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