The following video explains how Derren Brown achieves his lottery trick / scam. He does not predict the numbers before the draw. The balls he displays initially. . .

The video is split into 2 shor. . .



  • This video is quite obviosly incorrect, Derren Brown did either predict or fix the lottery. In one of the adverts for the show, show weeks before the live show, the rubers are quite cearly writtern on stickers on a lamp post. So I’d like to see you try to explain that. P.S Don’t post a video like this unless you are absolutely certain that you are right, theres no need to go spreading rumors. 🙂

  • well now you sound even more smart dont you babe. hahaha thats so sad that you did that LOL

  • seriously, you need to get a life k. how sad if your life that you spent a few hours making a pathetic little video to put on youtube explaining how a ball moved like a millimetre? why don’t you just enjoy it instead of critising it, trust me your life won’t seem as sad and depressive if you did that babe 😉 k love youuu 😉

  • A few hours? LOL I spent 2 minutes stealing somebody elses video.

  • What is wrong with you people!! Come on!People have been trying to predict the lottery numbers for years!!! Who wouldn’t! Maths cant even work it out, mathmeticians have tried and tried 0-99 chances of a number coming up. . wayy tooo many possible sequences at one time!!

  • Its not hard, as a video editing and multimedia student, you freeze one side of the screen or (press record, stop, move an object and press record agen) it gives the illusion its a continuous recording. People use it all the time!! In movies, a stunt scene! The actor will pose, freeze the screen, replace the actor and play again. It can be used live. . most webcams you can pause!! He replaces the balls with the correct ones and then reveals no miricle. . but a trick

  • its not impossible to predict the lottery u dumb asses just highly unlikley well how do u think that some people win the lottery. they guess and are very lucky, this was 100% real, u seen how it was done and he even said try it yourselfs, just like wen he predicted the winning horse on trick or treat wasnt impossible just highly unlikly

  • He owns. And all this videos are crap.

  • much love to you.

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