The experimental test to see if I can again in miniature, how Derren Brown "predict" lottery numbers. It is only testing the theory that the screen is divided into two parts and sha camera. . .



  • ok! listen! when i watched that i noticed that there was a certain pattern with your camera shake. so what you are saying is that……they did a really complicated camera shake pattern so that nobody would notice on both sides of a split screen at the same time…….LIVE!!!! ………..AND….. the camera man (who you see from the other angle is clearly holding the camera can hold it perfectly still!………Na. i believe it was split screen but i really don’t understand the camera shake thing

  • its a motion camera i think..the camera gotta move cos the subject on the right is moving.only goes on a y and x axis in the derren brown video..the other shot of the camera man from afare was jst to add to the trick of a real camera man there

  • noneofyourbusiness06

    November 11, 2009 at 12:07 am

    I learned something today. AWESOME VIDEO! Love your banana (not to sound gay LOL)

  • terminalcavalier1984

    November 11, 2009 at 12:19 am

    …i’m no kill joy ok, but why do we have to know….absolutely everything?!


  • Nice work!I suppose there was some camera tracking for this to work with handheld camera (which means editing afterwards), so would this also work with live footage like brown’s?I mean can you automate the effect to do it on the fly?

  • I believe that software (or maybe even hardware) could be developed that allows this to be done with live video.

  • yes i suppose so, anyhow this seems to be most plausible explanation

  • With respect to Luke, and you will see why I am saying this, I am sure he did not spend a lifetime on this video but it is an excellent example of the technique and is edited seamlessly… now imagine the effort that Derren and his team would have put in to make sure they have perfect timings for when they do it live… Derren said himself that he had been working on it for a year…. tbh tho the fact that its live does not really make a difference.. its the camera shake that is added (more2cum)

  • its the camera shake that is added using editing software (live) that makes it seem difficult, what we are seeing is a shot from a camera on a tripod so that there is no movement by the camera (this is why derren says there is a camera at the back of the room, while u c a pre-recorded long shot of derren on his own with the camera man, the camera is being placed on the tripod, this allows the pre-recorded shot of the balls to be overlayed over the live shot of derren, camera shake to hide this

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