How can I believe that Darren was a "trick" no doubt aware of this version of events on Friday or not, but this simple technique may be a low-cost computers, although the green  £ 5 00 jets . . .



  • If it was real he could have played and given the money to charity.

  • One day he will hypnotize the world via tv. :L I havnt lost any respect for him that stick to your sofa thing was amazing

  • This is exactly what I thought. His psychic people explanation was ridiculous and against everything he’s ever said. Same with the alleged attractive paper in the 3rd episode. I sincerely hope there’s a payoff in the final show where he reveals he’s been winding the public up.

  • yes it is possible that he used math, but unlikely. but i think that it was a clever camera trick that was well managed but im not saying that it definaitly is a camera trick

  • you know what would have been a fuck load more convincing? if he had bought a ticket with thos numbers beforehand – that would be financially and for the effect of the trick the best thing. he would now be the front page of every headline around the world rather than a little bit shitter than before

  • i agree cos then he wud b rich and if he says now that he didnt do it for the money he cud of burned it

  • re edit the video too much info

  • i wish i never watched this.I liked the thought of him being mysterious.Why does there always have to be one person that explains itCant you just enjoy it?

  • if you liked him being mysterious you would of never watched the show on TV. Derren has ruined his credibility trying to pull this off. I was quite impressed with the mind tricks but camera tricks are lame.

  • well you can still believe its deep maths if you like , but dont you think that it was strange that on the night Darren wouldnt even show his “team of 24 special maths brains” the nubers hed sorted from their predictions.BBc wouldnt let him show numbers , lol , anyone is free to show the balls that they think will win a law against that does not exist., lol No win this was a mega fail all the way , I really dont know what he was thinking he used to be believable before did this basic trick

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