How much and what is the lottery? As Powerball or Lotto 6 items daily, 3, etc.



  • No system, software, voodoo witchdoctor magic, or anything else is going to help you get an edge on the lottery!!!
    The lottery starts with a FIFTY percent edge over the players! That means for every $100,000 they take in, they only pay back around $50,000 to winning tickets!
    The worst casino game in the world might have a 10 to 15% edge over the players. Lottery = 50%!!!
    There is NO SYSTEM and NO SOFTWARE (and no friggin’ psychic witchdoctor with spells) that can help you overcome those odds. Even if it gave you an extra 5% advantage, (which it can’t), that’d still mean they have a 45% advantage.
    Simply put – Lottery is the worst bet you could ever make.
    If you really want to play, just buy ONE ticket each drawing. For the cost of a buck, it’s worth it for the fun dream it can give you. Any more than that and it’s money down the drain.

  • I never used software, but when I read an article about a psychic witch that won twice I decided to check her out. She was able to cast a lottery spell for me and I actually won! I’m so glad that I trusted my instinct. I would recommend going to her over any software! Her website is

  • I wouldn’t trust any software system. It’s more complicated than that.

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