I buy lotto tickets like twice a year only but I’ve never won anything in my life lol. I don’t think I could really win the lotto, yet I don’t know why I can’t resist buying a ticket every now and then ! With the economy so bad and so many people jobless do you think more and more folks are playing the lotto now?



  • No. That’s why I tend not to buy tickets.

  • Yeah but I didnt buy a ticket so it might not work….

  • Someone has to win it.

  • i am a finalist in the publishers clearing house sweepstakes 🙂

  • I quit buying lotto tickets because ya, the odds of winning are very very low. I thought “what a waste of money?”

    Then my father-in-law won 8 million.

    So now, I play religiously. Because it’s not a lot of money and you can’t win if you don’t play.

  • dooooon’t stop beliviiiivin

  • i do not think that is the reson i have ben informed that more people have bought the lotto befor the econmy crises but if im not mistaken aton of people just have HOPE and thats what draws you in

  • haha its very possibe.
    ive won a watch, an ipod, a game system and a jesus statue.
    what wonderful things to have won right? go jesus.

  • No one every really believes they will win, they just hang on to that small sliver of hope that they just might get lucky and win the big bucks. Needless to say, the chances of winning are extraordinarily slim, but somebody always wins. You might never get so much as $5, or you might win a million with your first lotto ticket.

  • I never win anything either, but like you, I keep trying. I should put all the money I waste on lottery tickets into CDs and see how much more effective that is. I’ll bet it would work much better.

  • Not really.
    A lotto usually has 1000000 people participating in it so the chances are 1:1000000

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