He blew it all by investing all his money in Livingston FC under bad advice.
How can anyone throw away £10m, seriously?
Am I hard-hearted? Does anyone actually feel sorry for him?



  • what an idiot, was he not supposed to be a celtic fan? if so what was he thinking of investing in another scottish club in the east of scotland? what was the point, surely he didn’t expect to make money!

  • No, serves him right for being a thick bastard.

  • tbh if i won 10 mill i would invest 2 mill into portadown fc and 1 mill divided up between all the carling premiership teams for ground improvements. then keep the last 7 mill to myself like any normall person.

    suppose i would give a lock of G’s to my m8s

  • New car, caviar, four star daydream, think i’ll buy me a football team. Aye Money its a right laugh.

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