Or is it just luck? I mean do people actually pray to God to win? Just curious my grandpa is in really bad financial shape and I was wandering if I should pray for him to win? Without God thinking i’m greedy.



  • Whatever happens is Gods will so i guess just wait it out and see I mean it’s not wrong to pray about it god understands everything!

  • Great question!

    First, it IS just luck. The state runs tests of the machines and discards any balls that come up in the test significantly above the statistical average. That way, they can assure the public that it is run fairly and can have the results independently certified.

    Second, that said, I believe in God and that God can turn “luck” in your favor. The question is “Does He want to”?

    That brings us to your question about whether it is okay to “pray” for such luck without God thinking you’re “greedy”. Let’s put it this way: Your Grandpa is suffering as other people are, whether it is emotionally, financially, mentally, physically, or spiritually. So if your intent is to help your Grandpa, I don’t believe God will think you’re greedy (although I’m certainly not speaking for God).

    Another way to look at it is that you’re not praying for some criminal to win the lottery, you’re asking for a good person to win it.

    Finally, even if you pray to God for your Grandpa to win, he may or may not win. I believe it depends on where God thinks the “greater good” will happen. Maybe a guy who is already “rich” will win because he has plans to start a foundation, business, or charity that will help millions of other people. Maybe a guy who handles money poorly will win – he blows ALL of the lottery winnings but learns tough lessons in the process; his mom or dad may die a few years later and he’ll know how to handle the inheritance.

    Finally, the old joke is that a guy prayed 1000 times to win the lottery; finally, God spoke to him and said “buy a ticket!”. That’s why I buy only $1 or $2 dollars worth per drawing: your chance of winning are less than getting struck by lightening out of the clear blue sky, but at least you have a chance.

  • You may just as well pray to the tooth fairy for the win.

    God is a fictional character from a number of mythologies. He is not going to help you win the lottery. Even if he existed, the Bible is pretty clear that the pursue of money is evil. Jesus went on and on about greed and wealth. So it is pretty clear that certainly among the Christian religions, God is not a fan of the almighty dollar, and isn’t going to give you money just because you pray.

    Apart from anything else, in the time it took you to write this question dozens of children all over the world died of malnutrition, or a lack of water. But you want to pray to God for some money so you can shower yourself in luxuries? With billions of humans surviving on less than a dollar a day, it does seem a little crass to pray for a multi million dollar prize, just so you can buy nice things and live like a king.

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