Do you think that was a coincidence or something deep like those who want the years of praying often win the lottery? Often wonder.



  • Praying to win anything is the most ridiculous thing that any human being ever does. (Alright…I know there might be tons of other more ridiculous things possible.)
    What makes anyone think THEY are more worthy than millions of other people?
    Here’s my favorite one – people praying when they’re on a sports team! You see football players all praying before a game. Some are praying for no injuries, which I won’t hold against them. Most are praying that they win…but so isn’t the other team!!! So who does God pick to win? The best Christians? The best Jews? The best Muslims? Maybe he has to go for the religion he likes best?!? :
    Luck is luck. Quite often a less deserving person wins. (Sometimes a lesser team will win; but not because of luck.)

  • Well, i buy lottery tickets every week and hope i win one day. i believe Those who win the lottery are pure luck. Because there are Thousand of people buy lottery tickets and only 2 or 3 person win. so yeah it has to be pure luck.

  • Everybody who plays the lottery wants to win. For every person who wins a big jackpot, there are millions who don’t.

  • Usually, there are persons that could pray for years … Faith is important if someone wanted to seek the future, some persons even are able to see or listen to future events.

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