I guess I can break the question down. Do they put 100 dollars or something like that on their lottery ticket or does it matter?



  • IDK i don’t play
    You have a higher chance of getting struck by lighting than winning.

  • The actual price of each ticket is the same. Some people want to increase their odds by purchasing multiple tickets. So if they have $100 to spend they just buy 100 tickets (that’s assuming that the tickets are $1.00 each).

    But when they win — they have to pay the taxes that are attached with wining that much money.

    I figure if it’s meant for you to win, you’re going to win whether you buy one ticket or 100.

  • It depends what game, mega millions is split amongst winners so you would get 2 payouts if 2 of your tickets are the winning numbers. Pick 3 & 4 you do win more each dollar guarentees a value more than one dollar will add the value to each ticket won. The guy above me is correct BUT he left out the fact that if you play the # 2464 for 1.00 on TWO DIFFERENT Tickets and the jackpot for a 1.00 ticket is 500.00 you win (2) 500.00 jackpots so a total of 1000.00

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