It is a site that says it has developed a software lottery, which is a great opportunity to pick the winning number combination is Powerball-type game. Sounds like it would be awesome, and 6 / 42 and 6 / 49 games. It is www. smartluck. com
I need to purchase a system for $ 150, or just save my money?



  • So the lottery has been around for decades, and some genius has just now figured out this wonderful system and has decided to share it with the world for $150?
    Doesn’t sound all that likely does it?
    The fact is, the lottery is a completely random event. Nothing that has ever happened before has ANY bearing on what is going to happen. Next week the numbers could come out 123456 or the same numbers as the week before. Numbers are not ‘hot’ nor ‘cold.’ They are just random numbers.
    You can look for trends, patterns, anything you like. But you won’t increase your chance of winning. In fact if anything once you start to see patterns that don’t exist, you are more likely to lose.

  • Save your money, the odds of winning the lottery are in the high millions.
    And on top of it, its all random. So there really is no system… but if you think it works go for it, but obviously if it did work they would not release it, now would they? Me and many others will tell you no so im pretty sure you shouldnt.

  • Why not powerball? Sounds like fraud

  • i think your smart enough to figure it out

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