We’ve all had a toilet that at one time or another either wouldn’t flush completely, would “run-on” making noise all day, waste water or leak. It’s very frustrating and can be very expensive.

That was until now. NuFlush a new online company has introduced an Overflow Extension Tube which can be installed on any toilet in minutes and can solve most of your toilet problems once and for all.

Basically problems started with the introduction of the “water saving” toilet many years ago. In order for manufacturers to call a toilet a “water-saver,” they lowered the height of the overflow tube so that the tank holds less water. Less water means less water volume and less water pressure to flush. Less water also means less pressure on the flapper valve causing toilet leaks and run-on conditions where water continuously runs into the bowl then out to the sewer wasting hundreds of gallons of water and costing you your hard earned money.

NuFlush Overflow Extension Tubes raise the height of the overflow tube so you have more water to flush. Simply place the tube over your exisiting overflow to begin flushing smoothly. Overflow Extension Tubes are available in many different sizes to fit any toilet.