I’d like to see the commercials sponsored by mathematicians who say with all sincerity “Remember, you’ve got to be in it to lose.” There is a wonderful book by Jennifer 8 Lee called The Fortune Cookie Chronicles where there is an anomaly in a state lottery drawing directly attributed to numbers printed on fortune cookie fortunes.
Warrior: I was number 88 with the birthday April 6. The year was 1971. I sweatted that December so hard and celebrated on New Year’s eve as I never have before or since.



  • I have never won, and neither has anyone I know.

  • No but i have thought about it. I am from the northeast and thought if i won enough money, i would buy a house in southeastern, PA near philly. Then a house in Malibu beach, CA and also New Brunswick Canada and split the year travelingbetween houses so i would not be bored. I don’t know but thats my motivation is to travel and see as much as my eyes could see cause it’s all about the stories when it’s all said and done right?

  • I have know idea if this has anything to do with the original question, but yes. My grandfather won the lottery years ago, the amount was $100,000. (He didn’t get the power ball.)

  • This dude I know hit 5 on power ball. Missed the power ball by one number .. He got 100K. That money was the worse thing to happen to him.

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    September 18, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    yes, about £5

  • i won a four nights trip to rome for two, including flights and hotel. not too bad.

  • I won all of $3.00 once. While you’ve got to be in it to lose the cash you invested, the odds of being struck by lightning are quite a bit better than the odds of winning a big cash prize in any lottery. I took courses in statistics, so I’m full of fun facts like this.

  • Yes, one did keep me out of Vietnam: Birth date 357; Letter of the alphabet 17.

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