On Sunday 26th April at the Golden Ticket Event in Coventry, VWD announced that ELottery would be having some very important changes that will simply explode the UK E-Lottery Business. We have had a fantastic website from VWD that we have been using to promote our elottery businesses but now it’s going to get even better. The guest website is now being greatly improved with the very latest software which has amazing capabilities in the back end. The benefits are going to be many, but just to mention a few;   Significant increase in speed  Easier & fast to update  More Stable – Robust VWD are dedicated to ongoing improvements and apart from the many improvements they are also going to be testing different content with the new website and test which content receives the best response. The online application form for new people will also be greatly improved, by making it shorter, very simple to use, removing any distractions or confusing content and importantly making the form quick and easy to complete. Up to now the affiliate registration fee has been £10 but as from Monday 11th May that fee is going to be totally removed, making it entirely free for affiliates to join. Absolutely fantastic, and this will show in the affiliate growth in the coming months. The new website splash page will contain the banner at the top except the banner will be split in half with one side showing a short new movie to give people an introduction to the business opportunity, as well as powerful copy about the business. This then leads nicely to offer people the chance to register to receive further information, which is also their chance to watch the full movie. The new Affiliate Viral System offers registration at step 1 and after this a new affiliate account is created which then opens up the whole back office for the new affiliate to see exactly how advanced this system is and all of the tools available which helps us all to build our businesses with the new affiliate viral site links. At the new step 2 the new affiliate can view the entire new movie, and has access to the website links, getting started information and playing promotion The new affiliate will now have their very own e-lottery affiliate website, viral web page, the whole back office, tools, links, genealogy and the new ‘Refer A Friend’ Software Using the new affiliates address book, the process becomes self perpetuating which will literally explode, with the new Viral process. From the affiliates referring software and address books, the company will promote to these people on a regular basis on all our behalf by sending emails and information about rollover draws, super draws, mega draws and El Gordo lotteries. So now is the time to play in E Lottery Syndicates and anyone wanting to increase their income, have their very own business without detracting from anything else they do then this really is the best time. Don’t miss this tremendous opportunity as the UK market is about to explode and would you rather be involved a make a very successful business and income to match, or watch by the sidelines as others jump aboard this wave. For more information you can claim a free DVD here and check the elottery website here. We wish you the very best of success

Steve Mitchener runs his Businesses from his home in New
Milton, Hampshire UK, and main Business is internet marketing He is also an
active associate with the global lotteries business. E Lottery