This 2006 Ford GT has too be one of the lowest Mileage examples in the world, the Salesman said it had about 2Kms on the clock, and when there Dealer purchased it new, it rolled off the truck, and into the show room, and it hasn’t left since, they start it up once a year, and the price tag is $250000 which may seem steep, but considering the cost of these cars new, let alone its increased value, as it sits in its Factory fresh state, with virtually no mileage on the clock, so one would be hard pressed to find one as new as this one, the dealer said as soon as someone locally wins the Lottery, hopefully they come pickup this rare example, i promised the salesman that as soon as i win the Lottery, i will be in to negotiate a price for this one! this car is located at Cotrac Ford in the town of Dutton Ontario, Canada For more info on the Ford GT,