The internet is one of the coolest inventions in the past 25 years. You can do so many things online such as reconnect with your old friends using social networking sites, gamble your money through online casinos and even find recipes to cook for your dinner. Another thing you can do online is to download free games for your Nintendo DS.

Whenever we hear the word free, we always jump at the opportunity to get whatever it is they are giving away. So no wonder that when you hear that there are free ds downloads out there, you immediately go ahead and try to locate the sites offering free ds downloads. No one on the planet would pass up the opportunity to get a game for free which usually costs up to $40? But please stop for a minute, because there is something you really need to know.

For one, free DS downloads are illegal. It violates the copyright of game developers and publishers. That is why they are free in the first place. They are committing piracy, which is against the law.

And there is another thing as well: most of these free ds downloads are not functional. This means that it may have graphics or sound issues that are not present when you buy games. Also, these free downloads may contain viruses such as spyware, adware and malware. Of course these viruses will not only crash your computer, but your handheld gaming console as well.

I cannot stop you from downloading free ds games.. Nevertheless you should keep in mind that you are doing something illegal and you run the risk crashing your computer and your Nintendo DS. However, there is a great alternative: paid nintendo ds download sites. These sites are very affordable and will charge you around $30 for unlimited downloads and unlimited access for a full year. DS Download membership sites offer fast download speeds. They are easy to navigate so you can locate the games you are looking for fast. And best of all: they are updated frequently, new games are added all the time. In case you run into problems, there is always support stuff which will be happy to assist you .

So I urge you: stay away from free DS downloads and instead join a paid DS membership download site.