iphone.giveaway.co.uk How it Works When you sign up for your free iPhone, you have to complete an offer. This offer can be anything from insurance, dvd rental or gambling sites. Many of the offers are free or cost less than £10 and have no obligations. When someone completes an offer the advertising company pays the company who gives you a free iPhone, because they have introduced you to their products. You also have to refer people to sign up for their free iPhone and to complete an offer. This is so that the company that gives you a free iPhone has enough money to pay for your iPhone as well as earning some profit. For example if I sign up for a free iPhone that cost £400. In order to be eligible for the free iPhone I need 16 referrals. Those 16 people and you all complete an offer and the advertising company pays £25 for each person referred to it. The free iPhone company receives £425 (17×25 = 425) which it uses to buy your £400 iPhone. The remainder is kept as profit. You might be thinking how the advertising company benefits from this. Paying money for each person referred to their company is much cheaper than running an advertising campaign. You can see proof of this system of receiving free stuff on BBC Newsnight at uk.youtube.com If you are having difficulty in choosing an offer I would go with the LoveFilm DVD Rental Free Trial as it is free and you can rent 2 DVDs over 2 weeks. For more info about this system, have a look at www.freewebs.com