Do not spend that money on buying tickets; haven’t you heard that you can win more than a million dollars without spending a cent? This sounds unbelievable but it is actually true. Free lotto offer players the opportunity to play without purchasing tickets. As simple as that, no money needs to be spent on buying. Surf the internet and you sure will not fail to find a couple of sites that offer free lotto. They are most common on the internet where a person only has to log in to be eligible to win huge amount of money.

One however may ask where these companies find the money that they do place as jackpots if there are no charges. The companies that offer free lotto are in most cases companies that sell advertising on their websites so you do not have to be suspicious on where they get their money. Because many people visit these sites for an opportunity to win millions, they manage to display enough advertisements to afford the large jackpots awarded so whatever they offer is absolutely real money. Many individuals would rather free a few advertisements and get free lotto instead of buying lottery tickets, it is the trend.

Even though there are numerous sites that offer free lotto, the games are however similar in the sense that they are free to enter and feature huge jackpots. They are also easy to play beside consuming less time. The winners of these games are often given real cash and prizes.

Where can you find them?

Just go to the internet and you will find a couple of such programs. However, a word of caution; not all sites that claim to offer free lotto are accredited. One has to check the credibility of the claim as many individuals have fallen pray to scams. This does not however mean that finding sites that offer genuine lottery is difficult though one needs to do some background check. There are numerous genuine free lotto programs just as there are numerous fake lotto programs.

What’s in there for you?

Free Lottos are to some extent similar even though what they offer players in terms of play varies. There are those where one cannot play more than once a day, meaning that everyone’s odd is even. They offer one million dollar jackpot and numerous other prizes. The sites normally claim winners to the tune of hundred thousands.

There is just the possibility of winning the jackpot without spending on tickets. On the other hand, others require one to register once then they can be eligible to play other games with higher jackpots. Once an individual has played any of these games, he is qualified to play others with even higher jackpot of the tune of ten million dollar prize.


Registrations for these games require name and postal address and the email address. The participants are in most cases asked questions about their buying preferences since the sites that offer free lotto are basically promotional sites.

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