Most people don’t understand the draw of gaming. It can be a great way to relax. When you play a role playing game, you can be anyone you want to be. It’s almost like acting in a movie. You can play different characters and make the outcome be what you want it to be. I personally enjoy all types of online gaming. FPS and role playing being my favorites. But just like with anything, even gaming needs to be done in moderation. I used to play role playing games all night long but that isn’t very healthy. You still have to have a normal life outside of gaming. Shooting games are lots of fun and don’t require a major time investment. You play a game like Call Of Duty for a few hours, release some stress, and go to bed. As my time is more limited now, these are the types of games I truly enjoy. I, along with my husband, have raised 4 gamers. Our whole family games. It really is something the whole family can enjoy together. It is a great past time and you know exactly where your kids are. Gaming, it really is good family entertainment.