For the most part, ping pong is a sport that is considered to be solely for the indoors. After all it is a game that was designed to play inside. Perhaps you have given some thought to trying your skills at the game outdoors though.

Nowadays, many people who love to play table tennis are now playing ping pong outdoors. You have to consider the fact that there is a big difference in enjoying a game ping pong indoors and outside. The environment when enjoying a game inside is completely controlled. There is virtually no wind to affect the flight of the ball, and the lighting is controlled.When you play outside you have to deal with these factors regularly, like being blinded by the sun or having to adjust your shot because of a breeze.

It is preferable that outdoor table tennis should be played only during the summer months. You may wonder why. Because the winds that you can experience during the months other than summer make it too difficult to keep the ball in play.

The wind can easily effect the fight of a table tennis ball because it is very light weight. Although the occasional breeze is welcome in outside ping pong, you need to remember that winds stronger than a breeze can blow away the ball in any direction. If you are a really accurate player indoors, that really doesn’t matter when you step outdoors to play as you will definitely need to make some adjustments.

Being able to go outdoors and enjoy the sun is another reason that you should consider enjoying a game outdoors. You get to enjoy the benefits of all of the fresh air that you would miss out on if you were stuck enjoying a game inside all day. If the sun is shining to hot, try playing under the shade of a tree.

When you go to set up the table outdoors, it is absolutely essential that you make sure to place it on a flat surface, if it can be concrete that is all the better. Although it would be nice to play on grass, you need to consider the fact that the surface on grass can be uneven, which will mean that the table will also become uneven and can disrupt the game.

You may desire to get a table that is designed to be played outdoors and should have wheels on each of the legs of the table. Having these option on the table will make it a lot easier to handle and move around and it will make it last a lot longer than a table that is not meant for outdoors play. Even though an outdoor ping pong table is made to be able to use it outside, the elements outdoors can degrade materials no matter what they are made of so it is not a good idea to leave your table outside.

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