Proper golf etiquette is that you repair any damage to the putting surface, especially damage due to a ball. The game of golf is complex and has a steep learning curve, however; using golf divot repair tools is not difficult. Golf course personnel may ask you to leave the course if you don’t repair divots on the putting green.

A golf divot repair tool is a small, hand-held tool designed to repair divots left on the green by your golf ball. Look for a golf ball mark on the green near your ball. Place the golf divot tool into the ground just to the outside of the divot. Many golfers try to lift the ground right out and set it back, but moving the ground closer together works best. Move the golf divot tool from side to side in the divot to bring all of the grass back to where it should be.

Divot Tools, Divot Repair Tool, Divot Tool Ball Marker, Golf Divot Tools are all names for the tool that is used by golfers to repair a Golf Course green when a golf ball makes a divot on a green. If the quality of the green is poor due to golfers not repairing their ball marks, the result will be putts going off line and the golfer’s score going up. There s no reason a golfer should be playing this game without this simple and affordable piece of golf equipment.

You, probably, know quite a few people who love to play golf. There are many gifts that are great for golfers, but why not give that golfer something they will use not only every time they play, but multiple times during every round of golf. The idea of giving someone a divot repair tool can sound pretty dull, especially if the person giving the gift is not a golfer. So, while you may just spend $10 on a gift, to the recipient golfer, it is a very functional and personal gift that they are sure to appreciate.

Divot tools are available in a wide variety of materials, colors, and personalization options. You can even get divot repair tools with built in cigar cutters and a little stand so the golfer can put his cigar down while hitting his shot. Golf divot tools are pretty inexpensive, but the best part is they can be personalized or customized in a lot of different ways. If you re looking for a golf gift you can t go wrong with a golf divot repair tool.

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